Here are some of my favourite brands. Please connect if you would like to work with HAL. 

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A FAT Paint retailer (Chalk Style Artisan Paint) that is helping their clients put heart and soul into special pieces for their homes through workshops. They also carry antique and farmhouse decor, kitchen cabinets and restyled furniture.

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Gather Lambton

A small shop full of carefully curated items (most of which are made in Canada!) They also have a play area full of fun toys that encourage the use of your littles imagination, because that is truly the most beautiful thing. This space is also used for birthday parties. And in case that isn’t enough to entice you to go visit, we’ve they have couches and free tea & coffee to keep the mama’s happy!

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Kerry Dunlop

You can shop Park Lane Jewelry through my friend Kerry Dunlop. They offer a wide range of styles and trends and have accessesories that will make any outfit extra special.