The Best Christmas Books For Kids

I started our Christmas Book Advent when Luke was one and bought a few new books, used some from when I was a kid and bought a handful of second hand books for our first year with this tradition. Over the last few years I normally visit The Bookkeeper Sarnia in November and pick up a few new Christmas books to add to our collection. All of the books featured in this post have been shopped from The Bookkeeper Sarnia, if you live in the area I recommend you stop into this charming book store to check off your Christmas wish list. For my friends who live out of town, I have linked my favourite Christmas books on Amazon for you.

The three books above are Canadian remakes on classic Christmas carols and my family loves singing these new lyrics better than the original ones. The illustrations are so funny for the kids to look at while mom and dad try to sing the song.

I love the Canadian themed books with wonderful moose and beavers to admire. This story is not about Christmas but it is a fun winter adventure and helps with learning to count.

When the conversation starts to circle too much around presents, this story helps to refocus the gifts we are already blessed with in the family that surrounds us.

I love the poem and the illustrations are a dream, you have to try and find Santa in all of the pictures. This story does make me a little sad though as it focuses on the specialness of the current season I am in, Christmas with young children. I know its a fleeting one, so this book helps me to cherish all the crazy that surrounds me this time of year.

We all know this poem of by heart but the clay illustrations in this version make this book a Christmas treasure.

This Christmas story is really great because it includes pieces of scripture to go along with each section of the story as well as a message from Jesus to the reader for each part of the story. It gives more meaning to the story and makes it easier to relate to.

I hope this list helps you to build your Christmas book collection, do a little Christmas shopping or even start your own Christmas book advent. I would love to know what your favourite Christmas books are, comment below and let me know.

Merry Christmas