August 12th - 14th Weekend

Went to my Mom's friend's house to look at wedding invitation options 

Stopped by brothers house to pick up niece

Had a little chat 

Felt tired

Marley and Ash came home

Loaded so much baby stuff and baby into my little Sunfire

Drove extra careful

Unloaded baby and stuff 

Dinner with sister Sara and Marley

Marley got messy 

Marley got tired 

Bath time, fun time

Walk with Sara, baby and Charlie

Beautiful night and great conversation with my sister
Couch, wine, zonked

Saturday morning excited

Over the bridge with mom and sister

Remember mom is an awful driver

Hunt for dresses

Try on dresses

Get sidetracked and shop for other stuff

Eat lunch

Get in a tiff with sister

Find what we are looking for, amazing

Head back home feeling like we got some things accomplished

Snuggle with Charlie


Walk with Charlie

Impromptu drinks with friends in the garage 
We chatted and the dogs played

Watched a big storm and got a little scared 

Walked home

Lazy sunday morning

Phone chats and a little planning

Registry round two



Chat with Kar about her weekend and got super excited about my bachelorette

Felt lucky for the people I have in my life

Indulged in pasta  

Domestic activities