August 19th - 21st Weekend

Busy, exciting work day

Home for a nap, exhausted

Finish sewing Tyler's costume for the 70's birthday party

Enjoyed getting dressed up in a costume 

Danced with my niece Marley at the party

Fell in love with Marley a little more

Thought about what it would be like to have my own child

Night ride in the truck, wind in my hair, loved my life

Saturday morning, farmers market, BLT's, chores, run

Get dolled up for Steve & Ashley's wedding

Admired my handsome fiance

Fell in love a little more

Enjoyed a full day with some of my favourite people

Ate until I was full, danced until my feet hurt and drank until I went to bed

Sunday lunch date with my sweetheart, river, sunshine and poutine

Afternoon with my fav neighbour

Got silly, got girly, laughed a lot 

Bike ride and pizza with friends and family

Wait out the storm with one more drink

Home for a snuggle

Hit the pillow hard