When is enough enough?

A few months ago my boss and I were discussing the growth of our company.  He asked "where would you like to be in the future and when will you be satisfied with what you have accomplished.

I have spent the last few months pondering this question.  The other evening I was out for a run and all my thoughts aligned perfectly.  

I have always enjoyed public speaking.  It was one of the first things I realized I was good at when I was in elementary school.  I enjoyed the process of writing my speech researching my topic and putting together my thoughts and ideas in an entertaining way.

In my current position at CCI Studios I have had the opportunity to present our company to a few audiences and as we grow I know I will continue to do more presentations (which I am looking forward to). 

Eventually I would like to become an expert in my craft, sales and be able to share my experiences with others to assist them with their personal and professional growth.  In particular I would like to share with young women.

I know I have a lot of learning experiences waiting for me in the future but already I have experienced a few things that have thought me lessons about the importance of women having positive female role models.

I want to combine my expertise as a professional sales women with my life experience as a young women into a story and lessons that cross from our personal to professional lives.

Essentially I would like to be a motivational speaker.  What makes me different than the rest of the motivational speakers?  I am not sure yet, hopefully my story and they way I have and continue to live my life.  But, I know I am not ready for that yet.  As I said, I still have many lessons to learn and goals to surpass.  This is what I hope will be the result of achieving all of my other goals.  So now I will work backwards (something I have learned from my boss).  I know what my ultimate finish line looks like, now it is time to plan the route to get there.

I have to say, it feels really good to have this goal in place.  Who knows, this goal may change as time goes on or evolve into something different but for the time being, I have a focal point.  This is relieving because in the crazy daily life I lead its easy to loose sight of my goals and ask myself "why am I doing all this?".

The result of an effective motivational speaker is to empower and positively impact the people they interact with, something I hope I have the honour to do someday.