Why I like to sweat it out!

I was feeling a little down and sluggish the last few days.  As I drove home from work I considered crawling into bed as soon as I got in the door.  Instead I went for a run.  The hardest part about a run or a workout is getting your but out the door but every time I do, I am so glad I did.

Why I love to sweat it out:

It increases my energy levels

I feel more optimistic (some may argue this is not possible but it is)

It gives me time to think and get creative (my best blog ideas happen while I am running)

It's easier to focus at work 

It keeps me in my skinny jeans 

It gives me time to bond with Charlie

What is your favourite workout that makes you feel like a superstar?

P.S. I would like to thank the friends and family who have read my blog so far.  A special thanks to my Aunt Tanya for becoming my first follower!  Please feel free to comment, join and share this blog.