To My Girlfriends

I am at a very exciting time in my life.  My friends and I are experiencing success in our careers, buying homes, getting married and having babies.  We are learning very quickly that our time is valuable and the time we spend with our friends and family is even more precious.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to make time for each other but we do and we know the importance of making that time a priority.  I personally cant talk to anyone like I can a girlfriend.  I was at a friends baby shower a few weeks ago.  It is so wonderful to see your friends doing amazing things and living happy healthy lives.  I did have a little selfish thought though - all these new things coming into our lives will make it more challenging for us to spend time together.  I began to make a small mental "To Do" list to my girlfriends:

Never stop making time for each other. 

Remind each other of the little girls we were (they are still inside us just waiting to be silly).

Remember that the gross things we talk about when its just us girls, could never be discussed with our husbands or boyfriends.

We are always on the same team.

Cheers to girlfriends.