Guest Blogger - Charlie Talks About His Summer

Hello, Charlie here.  Yahoo, summer is over!  I have to tell you this summer has been a rough one for me.  I am sure you can tell by all the pictures and stories my mom has been sharing, that my mom and dad have been super busy with out of town trips almost every weekend.  Where does that leave me you ask, I will tell you.

There travelling this summer has left me everywhere.  I have stayed at Grandma & Grandpa Lapier's, Grandma & Grandpa Brown's and evan at home.  I have felt a little left out of the fun over the last 4 months but I have also spent time with some of my favourite people.

I have stayed home a few times by my self to keep an eye on the house for mom and Dad and when I do, Aunt Karli & Uncle Adam make sure I have food and a few visits.  Aunt Karli takes me for runs (which mom hasn't been doing very much of lately) and that is super fun.  Uncle Adam gives me lots of scraps and takes me for rides in his truck.  Mom and Dad say that Uncle Adam and Aunt Karli are not dog people but they like me because I am special.

One week my Aunts stayed with me.  This was so awesome because they were really lazy for most of the week so we just snuggled, ate chips and watched a whole bunch of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  I got a lot of belly rubs that week.

My grandparents are fun too.  Grandma & Grandpa Lapier have an awesome back yard for me to run and sniff in.  There neighbour's dog, Alstat, is really fun to play with and Marley is normally there so I can play with her too.

At Grandma & Grandpa Browns I get to play with their dog Lilly and Grandma always takes us to the beach to run and swim and catch sticks.

I guess my summer has not been too bad but I am really glad that mom and dad are going to be spending more time at home with me on the weekends.