Starting Friday A Little More Tired Than Usual

Happy Friday!  I have to say, I am looking forward to the weekend and hoping for some R & R.  This week Tyler and I have not been sleeping very well, our fur baby Charlie has been rattling his cage and crying in the night.  Charlie has been crate trained since he was a puppy and has always stayed the whole night in his crate.  

Of course, as soon as we let him in from a pee, he will not go back into his cage and thinks that he can sleep in our bed with us.  To stop him from crying and allowing us to sleep, we have been bringing him into our bed with us.  I know, we are giving in and now we have a habit to break.  It is just so odd that this is happening now after 5 years.  I cant help wondering why he is feeling he needs to be with us in the night?

I also cant help but wonder what it is like to get a young child on a regular sleeping pattern, yikes.  I found myself thinking that our little dog Charlie was put in our lives to teach us a few lessons about how to disciple.  Right now I think he is winning but I will let you know how we do on breaking this habit.  Enjoy your weekend and your rest, I know we will.