O Christmas Tree

Saturday we went to the Christmas Tree Village and U-Cut in Bothwell to get our tree and some Christmas spirit.  We decided for part of our Christmas gift to our niece Marley, we just wanted to take her out for a fun day with Aunt and Uncle and the Christmas Tree village seemed like the perfect place.

Marley had a great time helping us pick a tree, running through the hay maze, riding the slides at the playground and riding the train with Aunt Heather and Uncle Tyler.  I don't think she had as much fun as Tyler and I did though.

When the little trip was over and we brought our tree home to set up, it toppled twice before we were able to begin decorating.  It took a little team work between Tyler and I, some reinforcements and power tools to finely get the tree up.  Its now standing and my living room has been transformed into a cosy Christmas nook.

Not only did we get a great tree and some awesome memories but I think we also started a new Lapier Family Christmas tradition!