I Need The Assistance Of A Professional

The past few weeks I have been meeting with a financial advisor.  This young woman is someone I have known since high school and have been talking to for about a year now about utilizing her expertise in the financial industry.

Up until recently, I would not say that my husband and I have done much money management.  We decided that it is time to grow up and look for assistance from someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to finances.  Goodness knows we were not doing so great on our own.

Thats right, we confessed that finances is an area we are both not strong in and if we were ever going to have financial success, we needed the assistance of a professional.

So I met with this professional, educated, young woman who was eager to share her knowledge and passion for financial management with me.  The plan we created together and the knowledge she offered me (in a language I could understand) has made me feel in control of an area where I felt I had no control.

I often think I need to be the expert in every aspect of my work and personal life but that can sometimes get me in to trouble.  I have talents, passions and a special skill set and I think I have found a career path that allows me to assist others as the professional in the situation.  In turn I need to realize there are skills I simply do not possess or am simply not educated enough in to navigate alone.

I think this realization will open me up to learn more and hopefully with the help from other professionals, I will get a little further in life than I would on my own.