Long Weekend Blessings

Thursday evening CCI Studios hosted Sarnia Connects for the March event.  We had a great turn out and enjoyed some delicious pizza from Gondola Trattoria, a mini photo shoot with our in house photographer and great conversation with friends.

Conversations centered around everyones plans for the long weekend.  Most people had multiple dinners planned with different sides of their families, cooking and attending church.  There was a common theme of people feeling a little stressed about the long weekend filled with tons of activities and commitments.  I have to admit that as much as I was looking forward to spending time with both sides of our family, I was also feeling exhausted from the week and having a hard to gearing myself up for our social engagements.

While we were all chatting away about our busy plans, one friend who was not from Sarnia, mentioned they were feeling a little unsure about how they were going to fill their long weekend.  This persons family lived out of town and they would be visiting for one day over the weekend but other than that, they did not a whole lot planned.

I was instantly snapped out of my self  centred bubble.  I am so blessed that my entire weekend was packed with family time.  Not to mention the fact that even our out of town family lives close enough to drive for a day visit, we have a reliable vehicle to travel in, we have a family that is happy, healthy and growing and so many other things.

It is so easy to get caught up in our own, little busy worlds and forget what is important in life and that time with loved ones is so precious.  I went into my weekend focused on the quality time with family I had planned for the weekend.

I got to spend 6 hours with my husband in the car planning our summer vacation, I got to play games with cousins, uncles and aunts, I got to make some new memories with my awesome niece and even managed to sleep in one morning.  There were many more highlights in my weekend, these are just a few.

I hope everyone was blessed this holiday weekend to enjoy some quality time with friends and family and made some cherished memories.

I will be looking forward to the next long weekend.