Date Night

A few weeks ago Tyler and I were preparing to be apart for a week.  Some people might think thats not a big deal but we have not been apart for that long in years and it was causing us a little bit of sadness.  It was an exciting trip Tyler was going on but none the less, we were not excited to miss each other.

The anticipation of the trip made us realize we had not been on a date for awhile, so we went out on an in prompt to date during the week.  We went for dinner at Chicken In The Rough which was delicious and a place I hadn't been since I was a kid, then we headed to the beach to watch the sun set, snap a few pictures and skip stones, and then went for ice cream at Ice Cream Galorewhich if you are from any where in Lambton County you will agree that summer just is not summer, until you get ice cream from Ice Cream Galore.

We had the best time just enjoying the simple little things our own little town has to offer, and we realized how important date nights are to our relationship and having fun together.  We agreed that we would not wait until the next time one of has to go away for a week, to go on a date.