Living In Caos & Loving Life

Do you ever think, "once I accomplish 'x' I will then be able to accomplish 'y' but until then I am stuck."?.  I sometimes find myself in this position, banking on something happening before I can take the next steps in another area of my life.

I am realizing that this can sometimes be unproductive and disappointing.  Life is not without defects and all my ducks will never be in a row, there will always be something that is not perfectly in line with my plans.

I am learning that a) its not all about what I have planned and b) learning to live and work through the chaos of life is so much more satisfying.  I have found happiness in places that frustrated me previously and I am actually accomplishing more.

Life is not perfect and it never will be, but if I focus on the positives and the things I can control and improve, then I will continue to move forward, feel accomplished and be happy :)