These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I was watching the Sound of Music (the new version with Carrie Underwood) and as she sang "My Favourite Things",  I started to think about all of my favourite things about Christmas.  As I get older and time passes a little quicker, I realize how important it is to spend your time well.  At the beginning of each Christmas season, I always have a mental list of the things I know I want to enjoy, here are some of my favourite things to enjoy during Christmas.

1) A lit Christmas tree in my living room.

2) A lazy day on the couch with my snuggly dog and husband watching movies and eating junk food.

3) A snow storm.

4) Finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone and watching their excited expression as they open it.

5) Gingerbread lattes, coffee, specialty coffee and any warm drinks in the winter.

6) Giving.

7) Cooking a turkey dinner for my family.

8) The way a roasting turkey makes your house feel warm and smell amazing.

9) Christmas movies, The Family Stone, Family Vacation, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, just  to name a few.

10) Telling people Merry Christmas.

11) Writing Christmas cards.

12) Remembering that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus and embracing the love that comes with knowing he came for me.

13) Old family holiday traditions and making my own, new holiday traditions.