Gratitude Monday - Grateful For The Low Days

Sunday was a hard day, I felt emotionally mixed up, somewhere in between emotionless, anxious, tired and sad. I have had a few days like this throughout my pregnancy, the emotional ups and downs have been the most uncomfortable part of this journey for me.  I have done my best to simply ride these waves and not fighting how I feel, trusting in God that this is just a temporary feeling and if needed, having a good cry.

The low days are not fun but even in those days, I know there is a reason for my feelings.  Maybe I need to have the low days to truly appreciate the high days and its possible that learning how to move through these bad days, makes me stronger in general.

I know that as I get older, I cope with these types of days better than I have in the past.  Learning to lean on God has given me some healthy tools for dealing with emotional pain.  A few years ago I would have maybe turned to some unhealthy options which normally magnifies the discomfort in the end but even in some darkness I am learning to find comfort.

On this Monday, I am grateful for the low days, the lessons I have learned here and the perspective they give me on all the other beautiful sunny days that fill the majority of my life.