Maternity Fashion 30 to 36 Weeks

I am officially on maternity leave now and while I am still tying up a few loose ends for work from home, I am really enjoying making my own hours and mixing in a little nesting, yoga, napping and walks with Charlie. 

At 37 weeks pregnant I am still feeling good, just a little more tired than usual so I have been taking naps, which I love, I have always been a napper (fingers crossed our babe is a napper too). 

Below are some of my favourite looks from the last few weeks.  At this point in my pregnancy I am not sure how much more fashion I have left, I am feeling a little limited at this point as some of my shorter dresses are now too short and my non maternity tops are just barely covering the bump.  I have also been spending a lot of time doing work around the house and those outfits consist of workout clothes that still fit. 

Dressing my bump has been fun and as I get closer to the end of my pregnancy I am filled with mixed emotions about this phase of my life being over.  I am so excited to meet our baby, find out if it is a boy or girl and what this new littler person looks like.  At the same time, I am little scared about labour and am a full blender of emotions about becoming a mom.  

I have enjoyed recording the growth of my bump with my fashion photos and am happy that I have these memories.  Thanks for sharing this fashion phase with me.