It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I know some people think it's too early to begin celebrating Christmas but when there are so many fun things to do and enjoy in the holiday season, you have to start early.  Here is a list of things I want to enjoy over the Christmas season.

Watch my favourite Christmas movies
Christmas Vacation 
The Family Stone 
Home Alone 
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Hand write Christmas cards 
I love writing the cards with personalized notes and sending them off fills me with holiday cheer.  Receiving Christmas cards in the mail makes my day and I love to do something decorative each year to display the cards I have received, its old school but sometimes you just need a little old school in your life. 

Make my Christmas gifts
This is a new one for me this year and I don't plan on making all of my Christmas gifts but I have ideas for a few.  My goal with this tradition is to focus less on gifts and more on the true meaning of Christmas and giving in general. 

Go for a walk through The Celebration Of Lights
A holiday tradition we are lucky to have here in Lambton County to help us Sarnian's get in the Christmas spirit. 

Spend a day in Bothwell at Sloan's Christmas Tree Village
Tyler and I started this tradition two years ago with our niece Marley and now I am excited to share it with Luke too! Insert the carolling of "Oh Christmas Tree" here.

Bake some delicious holiday treats 
I love to bake so that I can obviously eat the delicious baked goods but I also love to share them with friends and family. 

Attend a few holiday parties 
Holiday parties are the best!  House parties are warm and cozy and events at halls and restaurants always have a little extra glitz and glam this time of year.  I also love the opportunity to sport my sequin clothing and sparkly makeup. 

Give back to the community
This year I have been feeling a desire to donate baby essentials to our local food bank The Inn Of The Good Shepherd .  Having my own child and my own difficulties breast feeding, has made me consider the needs of young families less fortunate than us.  Our focus for giving this year will be on young families.

So, you can see with everything I would like to accomplish to celebrate Christmas, it is essential that I begin in November, Christmas deserves at least two months of celebration!

Merry Christmas!