On Christmas morning Luke fell asleep after his first bottle and I had time to reflect on the events leading up to his first Christmas.  I have said it before and I will say it again, mornings are my favourite time of day, quiet still mornings when you can collect your thoughts before the day begins.  This Christmas morning was one of those morning and I was so grateful to be able to jot down some thoughts.  Here are some of my memories about this years Christmas.

Karli and Adam got a huge Griswold style tree from Sloans when we all went together to get our trees.  They had to cut the top off their tree to make it fit in their living room.  The tree was really beautiful and I will have secret happy laughs about its grand size forever.

I have never felt as close to the Christmas Story of Baby Jesus as I did this year.  I shared my thoughts about my empathy for this story in My Christmas Story.  I am filled with so much love and joy from this Christmas, I think it will be easier than ever to really keep the Christmas spirit in my heart all year.

Luke represented Baby Jesus in our church's Christmas Eve service and while Rev. Blaire held Luke he said a beautiful blessing. I continue to become more proud of my son, husband and our entire family everyday. 

Our 4 year old niece, and Karli and Adam with their 1 year old Violet, were in church with us as well. It was sweaty and kind of crazy trying to keep everyone happy through church but even the caos makes my heart smile.

It rained on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

I always have dreams and cool ideas for parties and gift giving but often run out of time and don't complete everything I want to. I literally got everything done that I wanted to this year, had a blast doing it and didn't feel stressed for a moment! 

Tyler and I watched a bunch of Christmas movies together. There is something so peaceful about a house with a sleeping baby in it. And, Ty and I sitting on the couch together at the end of the day has a whole new specialness to it. As we watched the Christmas movies we could not help but giggle and chat about how excited we are to share all the magic of Christmas with our son when he gets old enough to understand. 

On Christmas morning I was awake about and hour and a half before Luke, Tyler and Charlie, I am just a big kid.  When Luke did wake up we sat on the couch together, watched CMT Christmas, drank coffee, snuggled and prayed, before we got dad out of bed.

Luke is so sweet at his current stage, he is a happy, snuggly little baby that fills my arms with the best weight when he is in them. His weight on my chest, his little snorky nose in my ear and his soft fuzzy head against my cheek is truly the best gift I could ever receive.

For the past few years Tyler and I have spent Christmas morning at home with Charlie and this year was the same except even better having Luke.  All Christmas I kept thinking to myself "it just feels like Luke has always been here, it just feels right to be a little family".

During the middle of the day on Christmas, Luke had a perfect nap in his little bouncy chair on the kitchen table while I finished prepping the food for our Christmas party.

Last Boxing Day is when Tyler and I found out we would be parents. I remember attending our holiday parties, with the big secret, of a tiny baby, between the two of us. It was kind of awesome looking at eachother, being the only ones knowing what our smiles were really about.  At that time I had absolutely no idea how much love this little person could bring into my life, our lives and the lives of our families.  Family is the best gift ever!

This post may seem a little scattered but it was challenging to make my memories cohesive when I just wanted to get all the moments recorded.

Wishing everyone the love of family and the joy of Christmas all year!