As some of you may know, I used to work at Caryl Baker Visage in Sarnia.  I have roughly seven years experience working in the skin care and makeup industry.  One of the most important lessons I learned while working in the beauty industry, is that while makeup is amazing for enhancing your beauty, taking care of your skin is the first step to looking great.

Luke has been sick and teething the last few days so he has been waking up through the night (which is unlike him) and we have been doing lots of snuggling during the day.  I haven't taken much time for myself in these last few days so while Luke napped yesterday, I enjoyed a long shower and a facial scrub.  Exfoliating my skin totally refreshed my tired complexion and made me feel much more awake.

I have had people ask what products I use and what my beauty routine is so here are my basics.  Eye creams, serums and masks are great too but this routine will get your skin on the right track and for me, keep me feeling great.  As we start our family, I am more conscious of my spending so I have detailed the high and low end products that I have used and love.

High End 

Eye Makeup Remover - CBV Oily Eye Pads
Face Wash - CBV Botanical Gel Cleanser
Moisturizer - CBV Vitamin Enriched Defence Cream
Scrub - CBV Papaya Scrub

Low End 

Eye Makeup Remover - Equate Cleansing Cloths
Face Wash - Aveeno Positively Radiant
Moisturizer - Ponds Dry Skin Cream
Scrub - E-mergin C Micro Scrub (CBV)


I remove my eye makeup first.  You can use your face wash but in my experience it is more work to get your eye makeup off that way.

Next I clean my skin with my face wash, towel dry and apply my moisturizer.

I exfoliate my skin with a scrub once a week, this step takes place after my face wash and before moisturizer.  Exfoliating allows moisturizer to absorb deeper into the skin and refines pores.

In the morning I just rinse my skin with water and apply my moisturizer.

Lastly, I know you have heard this a million times but drink lots of water.  Hydrated skin will age more gracefully.

My scrub is something that I always splurge on, if you find a piece of skin care or makeup that really works for you, just stick with it.

If you have any questions about skin care please feel free to comment below, connect on FacebookTwitter or Instagram