Gratitude Monday - I Am Grateful For Moms

This weekend I went with the Kelly Van Gaver Dance Studio to their first competition of the season, to help out with their makeup. We created some fabulous and dramatic stage looks, to enhance their amazing performances. The teams did excellent, receiving many awards and representing Sarnia as a place with much talent.

I love working on these styles of makeup projects because it allows me to really play with my makeup, brush up on my false eyelash application and reminds me that time management, in the makeup industry, is a must.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with moms. Well, since becoming a mom, I am aware of many things that I was unaware of before and one of those things is, how much stuff my parents did for me. While working backstage yesterday, it was so obvious that the dancers at KVG have amazing moms! Moms who are willing to give up their weekends to be backstage at a dance competition for 12 hours supporting their children. Moms who do hair, makeup and sew costumes. Moms who run out to get lunch. Moms who pack lunches. Moms who encourage their children and offer constructive criticism. Moms who are cheerleaders and coaches. And, moms who drive home in a quiet vehicle while their exhausted children sleep.

I thanked my mom yesterday for everything she has done for me that I probably was not thankful for when I was a child. She simply said, kids need to be kids and they shouldn't really be aware of that kind of stuff. Boom! And that my friends, is why my mom is the bomb! To all the moms who sacrifice a ton of stuff so their kids can do cool things and chase dreams, what your doing matters big time, even if it doesn't feel like it in the moment.

Below are some pictures of the wonderful girls I had the pleasure of dolling up on Saturday.

Happy Monday everyone, now go tell your mom thank you!