For me, being a mom is sometimes easier when your busy, out and about doing fun things. Karli and I decided to take our little people on an adventure day, to the London Children's Museum. We weren't sure how the day would go but we did our best to time our departure with morning naps, packed lots of snacks and were prepared to laugh off anything crazy that might happen.

On the drive there, we laughed about a road trip we had taken together just the two of us, to go shopping, a few years ago. Oh how things have changed, but in the best way. After remising about the past, we dreamed a little about the future, when our kids are a little bigger and we can all be super silly together in the car. 

I hadn't been to this museum since I was a kid, and I didn't even really remember it. I was excited to check everything out and experience something new with Luke. 

All the exhibits were cool. Luke was a little young for some of them but he was still entertained by all the action of the other kids and his pal V. I am excited to take him back when he gets older, I think this is a place where there will always be something new to discover. 

I am also excited about the friendship that is forming between Luke and Violet. It is so cool that she recognizes him when we get together and that she always wants to give him a kiss. I have said this before but I will say it again, I am so grateful that I have amazing friends to share motherhood with. Karli and I being on leave together, well thats just icing on this big fluffy cake called life. 

I love experiencing things through Luke's eyes for the first time, its like rediscovering everything I knew and learning tons more along the way. I have a question for you moms with a few kids, is it like this with all your children, or just the first? 

One thing I am certain of, children are always changing and evolving, so I am sure family life will always have an element of adventure. 

We made it home without anything crazy happening and everyone even napped together on the ride back to Corunna. 

If your looking for a fun family activity I would definitely recommend the London Children's Museum