Now that I am a mom, people continuously remind me to enjoy every moment of life as a parent because time moves so quickly when you start a family. I would agree that time in moving quickly, in the midst of some days that seem very long. Luke is growing, learning and developing and there is no stopping it. I wouldn't want to freeze time because I am blessed that my son is learning, growing and developing but I do want to cherish our time, each extraordinary moment.

So far, as a parent, the everyday moments of my life are the ones I am cherishing most. The slow moments, the unexpected moments when the camera isn't in my hand and the mundane routine that is our current life. I look at these moments as they happen before me and think, "wow, this is my life, I am so blessed." These everyday moments are extraordinary to me and they are the memories I will hold closest to my heart.

I have pictures in my mind, looking at myself in the reflection of my kitchen window in the middle of the night, rocking Luke to sleep. I can feel his tiny newborn weight on my chest as he sleeps and I watch Mindy Project on the couch. I can picture his little eyes looking up at me as I nurse him. All of these moments didn't require planning or a special event, they are simply my life, my everyday extraordinary.

In addition to doing my very best to take mental snapshots in my mind, I wanted to capture some of our everyday extraordinary moments with the help of a professional. My friend Shannon, who photographed Luke as a newborn came over to spend some time with us while we do our everyday thing and the result could not be more perfect.

Now that Luke is a little bigger and moving around, I really need to get creative and make chores into a game, if I want to get things done during the day. Sometimes that means playing in the laundry or getting a little wet while we wash a few dishes but thats how I am making everyday extraordinary. And then there are those long afternoons, waiting for dad to come home and the only thing that will make that time special, is a good old sprinkle donut.

Shannon & I believe these real, uncensored moments deserve to be captured and would like to see how you make your, everyday extraordinary. Please share your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and use #everydayextraordinary for a chance to win a complimentary makeup application & mini lifestyle photography session with Shannon and myself. You also need to "Like" the Shannon Turner Photography & H.A.L. Makeup Artistry   Facebook pages to qualify. The contest will run until Thursday May 21 at midnight.

We can not wait to see your everyday extraordinary moments!