Luke - 8 Months

Things just keep getting better and better with you Luke. This month you finally figured out how to crawl!!! You have been trying hard for 3 weeks and now that you are moving, you are happier then ever.

You love other kids, especially boys who are a little older than you. I think your thinking, "wow, I can't wait to do what those guys are doing", when you see them playing.

You like to talk a lot, it sounds like yelling but I know your just expressing yourself. 

You are a pretty good little eater. We share smoothies every morning for breakfast. As soon as I start using the blender, you get really excited. You love drinking smoothies and water from mine and your dads cups.

You make life so much fun and you are a shinning light in everyones life who has the pleasure of knowing you.

I love you more everyday.

When you go to bed, your dad and I look at pictures of you and talk about all the cool things we got to see you do that day.

Keep being awesome,
Love Mom