I Am Growing A Green Thumb

I am not much of a gardner, many plants have died under my watch. Tyler and I have tried to grow gardens before with little success but we thought we would give it another go this year.

When Tyler sets his mind to something, he goes all the way with it and our garden was no exception to that rule.

He started researching plant layout, watering schedules and what we needed to keep out any Peter Cotton Tails, that may want to try our lettuce.

The results are a beautiful garden that fill my heart with the most comforting sense of home, when I look out into our back yard in the morning.

Luke and I water the garden each morning and check on the plants when we get back from our walks in the afternoons.

I am really excited for the days when we can make meals with the food from our backyard. There is some work around the house, that just continues to make this place feel more like a home and me continually grateful for our cozy little spot.

Happy weekend friends, may your activities be fruitful.