My Current Skin Care Routine - Pro Advanced C

For the last five months I have been using the Pro-Advanced C line from Caryl Baker Visage and I wanted to share some information about these products because I am really enjoying them. I also wanted to offer you some information about skincare in general, to help you with your next purchase. 

I will add, this post is not sponsored content, I am simply a big fan of Caryl Baker Visage and have been since I worked in the Sarnia store. Its a great Canadian company with fabulous products and an amazing educational/sales structure that invites clients into to learn, before they purchase. 

The best thing about this skin care line, is that all the products have vitamin C in it. Vitamin C does so many great things for our bodies but when we apply it to our faces in the proper format, it can do the following:
  • Stimulate collagen which firms your skin.
  • Brights skin and reduces hyper pigmentation which will give you a more even skin tone. 
  • Protects your skin from free radicals which are things that our skin encounter everyday in the atmosphere, which can cause harm to our skin. 
I love this skin care line for my own skin but I would definitely recommend that you speak with a professional, before you buy any skin care line. Before I ever recommend a skin care line to someone, I always ask them what their skin care concerns are and review their current skins condition. 

This daily cleanser has a granule in it so it lightly exfoliates my skin each day, keeping it fresh. Exfoliating your skin regularly, helps to prevent the build up of dead surface skin cells, which can cause your pores to look bigger, give your skin a dull appearance and prevent your other skin care products from penetrating properly.  

I love toner, this has always been one of my favourite skin care steps. I use this in the morning and in the evening and it collects any traces of makeup or dirt that my cleanser many have missed.

This daily moisturizer is light weight but still leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Bonus, it has SPF 15 in it!

I apply this serum every night before applying my night cream. You can tell that this product has a high, concentrated percentage of Vitamin C (10%) because it tingles when you apply it. 

This night cream is rich, creamy and luxurious. While being all of those things, it absorbs well into my skin. I don't like a night cream that feels rich like it is sitting on the surface of my skin. 

After using this line for 5 months, I still have lots of product left so you are getting lots of bang for your buck. Overall, my skin tone is much more even and smooth!

I hope you learned a little about skin care through this post. There is so much more I could say but I will do so, in another post on skin care. If you have any specific skin care questions, I would love to hear from you. As I have mentioned before, I have over 7 years experience working in the beauty industry and am also continually reading, to stay up to date on current beauty trends. Beauty is a passion on mine and I believe that when you look good, you feel good.