Years ago, I received wise advice from a friend who has been married for 25 years. She told me, "make sure you get off the couch every once in a while and get out with your husband just the two of you". I took that advice this weekend and Tyler and I went to Canadas Wonderland and then to Toronto for the night. 

The day before we left, I was having serious anxiety about leaving Luke, I knew he would be perfectly fine with my mom but I was afraid I was going to miss him too much. I was also feeling a little guilty about doing something fun without him. 

As soon as the car was packed on Saturday morning and we were on the road with coffees in hand, I knew we needed this and I knew everything would be fine. After the anxiety of leaving Luke was gone, the anxiety of riding roller coasters began to set in (yes, I am a very anxious person). 

It had been 15 years since I had been on a roller coaster but I really wanted a fun exciting day with my husband and Tyler and I had never been to a theme park together. As we waited in line for the rides we chatted. I got to tell Ty all the things about motherhood that I don't normally have time to tell him, like how annoying it is when you get a noisy cart at Walmart (I go to Walmart like once a week these days people, the smooth cart struggle is real). 

As we waited in line for Behemoth, I started to get really nervous but I was like, hey if I can make it through labour and a cesarian, I can ride the ride. Then I proceeded to prepare for the climb as I did during labour, with focused deep breathing, Tyler said I looked hilarious.

Before we left the park for the day, we floated through the lazy river. All day we saw parents with children and we day dreamed and chatted about what it would be like, to take family vacations as our family gets older. 

After the park we did a little shopping. Lucky for me, Ty likes shopping almost as much as I do. The rest of the trip was filled with relaxing walks, delicious food and rest in a cozy Westin bed. We loved our stay at the Westin and decided its our spot to stay when we go to Toronto. We also decided that during out next visit to the city, we need to venture over to Toronto Island. Have you ever been to Toronto Island? I would love to know what you thought and what your fav things to do in the city are?

I love my couch, my own bed and the mundane routine of my everyday life but I am grateful to get away once in awhile because it makes coming home, so much more sweet. 

Special thanks to Granny Brown for holding down the fort and making the trip possible!

May your weekend be filled with a little adventure, off the couch!