Over the last year I have been making an effort to lay my life in Gods hands and walk with Jesus in all I do. It's been the best year of my life.

I have a healthy son which is a huge source of my new found joy and was an encouraging factor in me diving in to a deeper relationship with God, but the greatest source of my joy is from God. 

This past week H.A.L. Makeup Artistry took me on a new adventure, business on the road for three days. This opportunity came at the end of a girls weekend away, so by coincidence it had me away from home the most I have been since Luke was born. 

This time was trying on me emotionally, the feelings of loneliness reminded me of the first weeks at home with Luke while Tyler was on nights. Determined to do my job well and needing support, I turned to God. On my drives I blasted the teachings of Joyce Myer, shouted amen alone in my car and spent time with my Heavenly Father. I was reminded that he never leaves me alone.  

In my times of loneliness, He does awesome work in me and I know he blessed me with this job on the road to get me alone in my car and teach me some lessons. I know my Heavenly Father is a great teacher so I am always on the look out for lessons in all I do, guidance in my work and correction in my failure. I also know it's not always all supposed to be figured out at once and maybe I just need to do my best to walk each day including Him in everything. In times of challenge I grow and for that I am grateful.