Happy first birthday Luke! I would have to say, the last year has been the best year of mine and your dads life, we think you are the coolest guy ever. You are fun to be with and teach us so much about life. I am excited for your birthday weekend, celebrating with your family and friends. Just so you know Luke, I love parties and especially birthday parties so be prepared for me to be overly excited around your birthday and holidays and pretty much any big life moments. I like to think of myself as the female Clark Griswold.

The last month has been a big one, you are taking a bunch of steps from time to time, so you can walk! Now you just need to believe that you can and you will be off. I love watching you walk because you are so proud of yourself. I hope you are always humbly proud of your big and small accomplishments in life.

You still love waving, and it really brings so much joy to everyone you wave to. I think this is one of your God given gifts, bringing joy to others and even as a young child, God is using your gift to make others smile.

You have begun to test limits, your dad and I are learning to create boundaries.

You love to feed the fish in the garage. Every time we put your stroller away, you smack your lips and point at the fish food, so cute.

Your dad is your everything and is makes my heart explode! I love watching you two play and interact. I totally understand why you love him so much because he is super fun. This past week he built you a ramp off the deck to go down in your FisherPrice car.

You love cars, trucks, motorcycles and making the vroom noise. I have even seen you sliding a book across the floor making the vroom noise pretending to drive the book.

You have a great imagination.

While you love vehicles, you are still a little timid of them when you get up close. Despite your little bit of fear, you will ride the quad around the back field with your dad.

Your favourite food is cheese!

You love to play with your friends and being outside, I would say you are most content when you are outside.

You are fearless in the water.

You are awesome!

Happy first year of life! You did a lot of cool stuff in those 12 months, I can't wait to see whats coming up next for you Goose.

Love always,

PS Here is a fun video of your first year.