Psalm 112:2 Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.

It has taken me a few days to settle my mind enough to write this post as my thoughts have been circling around my family and how I might put my thoughts into words that will make sense. Blogging and sharing on social media isn't for everyone but for me it is therapeutic. I have found comfort in reading so many posts from other people all over the world, who have had similar experiences to myself, and because they shared their story, I didn't feel alone. I also think its pretty cool that one day, generations beyond my own will be able to read my blog and know more about their roots. On with the story.

Last week my Grandma Brown passed away, I left her funeral with a sense of peace and pride for the woman I called Grandma. John called her wife, many called her friend, some called her sister and a lot called her mom, above all of these titles she was a woman of God. A woman with an unshakable faith that has left a legacy for so many to take pride in.

In the bible their are many stories about family lineage and the family legacy that ancestors leave for their descendants. One of which is that the descendants of the faithful will be blessed. I believe that my Grandma Brown has left our family with the legacy of faith. Because of her faith in the Lord we have been given a clear example (our blessing) of Gods abundant blessings in ones life, who chooses to body follow God.

Her life was not perfect nor easy at times but she would tell you that through it all God was with her and He blessed her, even in those trying times. There are a few pivotal moments in my Grandma's adult life that will forever define her faith in my mind. One of which I would like to share; When I was one, my grandpa suffered a head injury changing him for the rest of his life. The man my grandma married was not who he use to be and against the recommendations of medical staff, she brought him home to live with her instead of having him cared for in a brain injury facility. She had no experience caring for someone in his condition and had no certainty as to how far he would recover but her dedication to marriage and strength in the Lord allowed her to care, love and nurture her marriage for 17 more years with my grandpa.

Her legacy of faith in The Lord is something she worked at everyday and something that I intend on carrying on. Knowing God is the greatest gift anyone can give because through Him we can do all things.

Prayer: Lord, make my faithful, bold, graceful, obedient and joyful like my Grandma Brown and help me to carry on her beautiful legacy so generations to come will know You! Thank You for her legacy!

I am grateful.