I have always loved celebrating the little and big holidays, creating traditions and sprucing up my home with decor that matches the season. Now that we have Luke, these things are even more fun because we are working on creating memories that will form his childhood. Tyler and I will of course have a different perspective on these memories compared to Luke's but I do believe that the little things are what make a big difference. 

Even though at the time, it seems silly to carve a pumpkin with a one year old who doesn't want to touch the pumpkin, becomes distracted from the task at hand within minutes and then one parent ends up carving the pumpkin while the other watches the child, its still creating family memories that I will cherish. 

I honestly enjoy the excitement around all holidays and getting in the spirit with festive activities leading up to the main event. Sometimes it feels like work to get motivated to do these things and when they don't go as planned I wonder if it was worth it. Then I remind myself that in the imperfection will come the true memories, stories and family legacies. 

Cheers to all the parents who pack up their kids for crazy trips, expose them to as much as they can and work hard to create family traditions that develop lasting memories, your doing parenthood like a boss!

Weekend witches friends, Happy Halloween!