Christmas, Red Cups & Starbucks

If you have seen any of the controversial conversation on social media about the new Starbucks Christmas cups, I am sure you can agree that Starbucks has done an excellent job in creating conversation and marketing themselves this holiday season. I am a Christian who loves Jesus, good marketing, coffee and Starbucks and if you check out my Instagram account you will find images declaring my love for all of these things!

I don't think creating an awesome minimalistic red cup is a brands way of removing Christ from Christmas, I think they were focused on a design with the hope people would talk about, post pictures with and share their own personal designs, doodles and messages on it. Mission accomplished Starbucks, well done! I am also making an effort as a Christian to not only keep Christ at the centre of my Christmas but at the centre of my entire life. I hope I do this in a joyful way so people will see Christ through me and the way I live, a red Starbucks cup or a Starbucks cup with a snowflake on it is not going to make a huge difference in my efforts either way. 

I plan on stopping by Starbucks all Christmas long to grab cups of holiday joy to sip while I Christmas shop and I also plan on buying a few cups of joe for the person in line behind me and asking the barista to write Merry Christmas on those cups! Starbucks left it blank so we could do what we want with the red cup, make your red cup spread Christmas joy! 

Merry Christmas,