This year my sister Emily and I pickled for the first time. We recently popped the top on our pickles and are happily surprised at how well they turned out! I plan on giving some of my pickles away as Christmas gifts or hostess gifts this year but my pickle loving sister may keep hers all to herself :) (she has been obsessed with dill pickles since she was little).  

The recipe we used was from a friends mom, I am so grateful she shared her family recipe with me because I think it will now become a staple recipe in my family cook book too. Its really comforting for me to cook, bake or can with a recipe that has become a tradition in someones family. I like thinking about all of the memories that are wrapped up in that recipe, creating the dish and sharing it with others. 

I love to cook food because I love eating it but most of all I love how it brings people together and allows us to create memories. It is at the centre of almost all holidays and special events and I plan on making it a big part of my family traditions as our family grows up. 

What are some foods or recipes that are special to your family?