I really love hanging out with Luke, he makes me smile pretty much all day long. Even when I need to be strict mom, sometimes I am still smiling inside. Luke, here is what you have been up to lately. 

You say "no no" all the time and shake your finger at me (you learned this from me).

You say "ning ning" you learned this from me and your aunt Emily during a very long car ride. I am sorry if I have confused you by teaching you a word that is not real. 

You still love smoothies.

Your favourite protein is pork.

You thrive when you are on a schedule.

You are becoming more independent and confident in yourself, I notice this in the ways you will go to others and play independently more often.

You love to hang with dad and the boys.

You love the Truck book, I can never just read it to you once, it gets read minimum 2 times every time. 

You like to sit on things that are the perfect height for you to sit on by yourself. 

You like to play with toys that require fine motor skills, I think you will have great attention to detail. 

Keep doing you son.

your mom