An imperfect ramble inspired by a perfect play date:

Pay Date 

Tidy the house, prep the food, brew the coffee and wait

Chaos begins as the door bell rings and I begin to sweat

Sweet conversations, with baby's on hips and coffee on lips in between juice box sips

Someone cries, we dry their eyes, broken conversations begin again, and we pick up and move on 

The hustle slows, the rhythm flows of the morning visit, that saves your soul

A long winter ahead, with a mothers full head, needs release with her friends, now and again

The mess flows from one room to the next but it's the best feeling a house filled with guests

Then they all pile out and quiet sets in and I sit and think of how lucky I am 

I heart filled with love, from the women I stand beside, as I raise my children

No casting of judgement, just encouragement and ears to listen and share as we go through these years 

I love our play dates, I need our play dates, without I would feel so alone

The mothering role is one that needs great support from others in the same role 

So thanks for the sips and the snacks and the play and I look forward to our next play date day