Recently I have been praying for more friends of faith "God I need some strong women of faith in my life please, who will help me to get to know You better".

Sometimes it takes me a little while to catch on to how God works, He definitely has a sense of humour. This morning as I wrote about the new friendship I formed via social media with Brittney Andreesen , it hit me square in the face, God formed this relationship. Brittney lives on the other side of Canada and we just randomly connected online through similar interests like, God, blogging and the need to create. No we didn't meet randomly, that awesome act is one only the hand of God could curate. He used all the modern technology I love like a hashtag to lead me to a new friend.

God you are awesome, help me not to forget so quickly just how awesome you are.

Brittney kindly interviewed me and featured me on her blog, I am honoured! Please check it out and take a wander around her website to see the other cool work this Creative Producer and Blogger is doing!

Thanks be to God!