I love blogging and sharing my life through pictures on social media but I wanted to share a few stories I was unable to capture through imagery to keep things real with you.

I do my very best to get Luke and I out of the house a few times a week, I want to expose Luke to new things and I need stimulation out of the house too. I share pretty pictures of us out and about having fun doing different activities but what the camera fails to catch are the other moments that are special to me but not always so pretty. I always want to share honestly because I believe thats how we can relate to each other and create real relationships. Here are a few moments I failed to capture with images.

It was one of those days where I was feeling ambitious. I put on my fake leather pants a cute top and set out to go into three different stores for errands. I only needed one thing in Michael's so I opted not to get a cart and hold Luke's hand. Everything went fine until we got in line and Luke started to loose his cool. As he arched his back like a scorpion and screeched like a raptor, I did my best to hold on tight to my extremely strong little boy and keep him occupied while we wait. My awesome outfit soon turned into a prison of sweat as I felt the heat of the situation rise up from my legs. Unfortunately I was unable to capture this moment in a picture to share with you.

As most of you know, I love coffee and I love to go out for coffee with Luke. If I do have a day where I need to go to a bunch of places and get him in and out of the car multiple times, I like to break it up with a coffee and treat, its good for both of us. I often have a few moments of piece while he munches on something sweet to sit, snap a pic and take a few sips. Luke really only sits for a few minutes and then he must explore his surroundings. He gets down from his seat and climbs under tables, greets strangers and sometimes tries to escape the premises. After a few minutes of wandering a coffee shop its time to move onto the next destination. We don't stay in one place too long.

I am learning that outings with a child are much different than they were when I was alone but I wouldn't trade our adventures for anything. I know when I go into these situations that things probably won't go smooth but I am totally ok with that. I want to expose Luke to different things even if it is just for a few minutes at a time.