I was wrestling with some stuff last month, basically I did something I knew I shouldn't have done.

I'm going to side step for a moment here, the more I get to know God and who I am in Him, the clearer it becomes to me the direction I should be going with my life. I am aware when God is telling me "thats not a good idea" but in this specific situation I was like "well God what if this" and tried to rationalize my choice. In the end, God was right and I took the hard road by not listening to Him in the first place.

Sometimes it feels like I am giving something up or giving in on something when I try to obey Gods will for my life but thats only because my perspective of Gods plan is so narrow. I believe just like we as parents guide our children from danger, God does the same for us. You know as a parent your child is not going to be happy with your decision but you know its the best choice for them.

So what happens when I do what I know I am not suppose to do? It makes it hard for me to hang with my Heavenly Father because I am filled with guilt. I don't feel worthy to be in His presence so I stay away and then things just get messier because I am really no good without Him. Eventually I confess and work with Him to fix my mess but all that time, trouble and mixed emotions could have been avoided if I just did things His way in the first place.

Lucky for you and I our Heavenly Father is awesome, forgiving and a professional at using everything we are for His glory, even our messes.

Today I am grateful for forgiveness and a Heavenly Father that chases after me to bring me back in, when I have stepped away, a Heavenly Father that does not keep a record of my mistakes and wipes away my sins as soon as I ask for His forgiveness. Redemption is an amazing gift that allows me to move forward as a child of The One True King!


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