First I have to say how grateful to God I am for the path my life is on and the course it has taken in my past. There are things I am not proud of from my past but God is at work in my life and has used all my experiences for His glory. Deciding to work for myself and stay at home with Luke was not an easy decision. There are and will continue to be challenges on this road but can I tell you, that after placing my career, family and life fully in Gods hands and working my hardest to follow His lead, I have never experienced more joy, piece and confidence despite the trials I have faced in the last two years.

If God is knocking at the door of your heart about something, listen and follow and try not be afraid, He will take care of you. Then get ready to have some amazing things happen in your life as He works through you!

God is awesome and He has created each of us for a unique purpose! I don't know my full purpose but I can confidently say that I am on the right path!

Grab a snack and hang with me as I take you through my GenBeauty adventure!