I am a mother

I nap sometimes and go to bed early when my house is dirty. 

I care for a household. 

I am proud to see my child grow in independence. 

I am scared for the days when he needs me less and less. 

I love to cook, bake, eat and feed people. 

I look forward to my child's bedtime so I can have quiet time. 

I watch my child while he sleeps. 

I like to run when I can, practice yoga and walk. 

I love being with my family. 

I love being alone. 

This job is messy. 

This job is the funnest one I have ever had. 

I cry more after becoming a mom. 

I drink coffee and pop and give my child juice. 

I fill my home with healthful food and sometimes we eat pizza. 

I get frustrated and loose my cool. 

I play, laugh and tickle. 

I love my husband, my partner in parenthood, I would never want to do this role without him. 

I read books with my child. 

I watch TV with my child. 

I put the TV on for my child when I want to do my makeup and hair for the day. 

I pray a lot. 

I get all my strength from God. 

I think, "motherhood is the best blessing I have ever received."

I think "motherhood is hard stuff."

I am on my phone a lot. 

Sometimes I leave my phone at home.

I think my friends who are moms are the best mothers for their children.  

I think we moms are just too hard on ourselves sometimes. Give yourself a break, your doing the best you can and that's amazing work. Happy Mothers Day!