Mr. Luke,

Honestly I feel like I could write one of these posts once a week because you change and learn so much everyday but here is what I have noticed lately.

You are becoming much more independent and often say "Lukey do".

You want to be outside all the time. When we pull into the driveway you begin saying "outside" until I assure you we will play outside before going in the house.

Your getting your molars, your doing pretty good but your not into eating much right now.

You love to talk about your family members when we are in the car. You can name all of your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and we talk about where everyone is that day while we drive.

Your starting to notice everything. When we go for walks you like to stop and observe your surroundings, like dirt, rocks and grass. I try not to be impatient and let you do your thing, reminding myself that this is how you learn and you love to learn!

You love the beach and it makes me so happy. We have started our summer by fully taking advantage of the awesome water that surrounds us.

You have always been friendly saying "hi" to most people we pass but your getting more confident in making friends, going up to kids at playgrounds and joining in their fun.

I am proud of you and I love you!