I am about 20 weeks pregnant in these pics and feeling pretty good right now. I was very nervous when I was pregnant with Luke, (I don't always do well with change and the unknown) so I wouldn't say I fully embraced my pregnancy the first time around. This time I am just feeling very excited and blessed to be growing our family. Yes, life with a newborn is crazy but its the best kind of crazy there is. I love getting dressed up, as I always say "look good, feel good" and during pregnancy I find being put together at least one day a week, is a good way to keep my confidence high.

Dressing the bump can sometimes be a challenge but I do enjoy being pregnant in the summer and my go to pieces will be easy breezy dresses. I wore the dress pictured below all through Luke's pregnancy, its long enough that it doesn't ride up when my belly gets big and just flows comfortably over the rest of my body. I purchased a few key maternity pieces from Belly Babe Boutique so far and may need to get a few more but so far I am mostly making it work with what I have.

I would love to know what maternity brands are your favourite to shop from or any fashion hacks that worked well for you during your pregnancy.