Tyler and I had the pleasure of attending the SCITS Alumni Review a few months ago. Before and after the show, Tyler took my on a tour around his high school and shared lots of memories with me about his years at SCITS. He had so many fond memories about his time there and the people that were a part of his high school journey. We thought it was pretty cool that Tyler was the fourth generation in his family to attend SCITS and then we thought it was a little sad that our children would not be attending the same school.

I would have to say my favourite part of our tour was going backstage after the show. I never attended SCITS as a student but the auditorium and backstage area is wrapped in memories from my first taste of theatre. I remember sitting with my grade six class in the balcony of the SCITS auditorium watching a youth theatre group (Bluewater Musical Productions) perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, then saying to my mom, "you need to get me into that group". The following year I performed in my first production with BMP on the SCITS stage, it was the start of a life long love of theatre for me. 

The writing is literally on the walls, this school has a lot of heart and holds a ton of memories. Its unfortunate that there wont be generations more who get to experience this building that is so much more than a school but I know the legacy of SCITS will live on in the passionate people that called it home for their high school careers.