As I drove down Lakeshore Road today in the summer sunshine, surrounded by peeks of the lake and fields, listening to The Tragically Hip, the summer time vibes were on extreme high. I felt like I was home, I felt like I was a kid again and I felt like where I am, right now, is exactly where I should be.

I reminisced about my summer days as a kid. We ate sand covered chips and were up and down from the beach so many times in one day that at the end, you had to put on a wet suit and grab a damp towel for your night swim because we had used everything dry.

I thought to myself, I have lake water in my veins.

I grew up down the street from the beach, I spent my summer days in my bathing suit soaking up the sun and splashing in the water, to me this summer routine was the normal. I have always been grateful to live close to the water but my gratitude grows, the older I get.

As I enjoy the memories made with Luke swimming and building castles in the sand, I sometimes forget that we are forming his childhood. The smells, sounds, activities and surroundings that I expose him to are shaping his childhood and what will become the core of who he is.

So far I am pretty sure he loves the water and has a little lake water in his veins too.

I will hit my pillow tonight and dream about many more beach days ahead.

Sun, sand and summer fun!