After I shared a hard motherhood moment on Facebook when Luke was a new baby, I had a friend from my past private message me to simply say "if you need someone to talk to, I am here". Our Facebook private messages turned into text messages and we have even chatted on the phone and sent snail mail since reconnecting. She lives far away now and we hope to visit in person in the future but don't have any plans to do so at the moment, we just text a few times a week.

I believe that as long as we have one amazing friend we have enough, but I also believe we can never have too many friends.

Our text conversations span everything from beauty, to motherhood and everything in between.

How was your weekend? 

What do you have planned for your day? 

What's your favourite bronzer? (we both love beauty) 

This is how our conversations often begin and then they sometimes lead into the daily trials we are facing in our lives. When my friend first messaged me she said that sometimes it is easier to share honestly about our struggles with someone outside our everyday circle of friends. I feel very grateful for this friendship and know that she is only a text away if I need someone to chat with while I sit on the floor and play Lego for the 20th time that week. I have said it before but I will say it again, motherhood is a sport best played as a team and I am so glad to have many different women on my team in various relationship forms. 

I am sharing this little story for two reasons; 1) I am really grateful for this rekindled friendship and 2) If you have ever seen a Facebook post and wondered if you should send someone a private message to say your thinking of them or to find out if they need to talk, just do it, one more caring friend is never a bad thing.

Those are my thoughts for today, but what do you think, I would love to know your thoughts too.