Potty Training Perspective

After 5 days of potty training here is what I have learned; pay attention to my child, follow their lead and trust my gut.

Potty training is something that intimidated me, I watched videos, read articles and accepted advice from friends who have travelled the road before me, for months leading up taking the plunge. Then last week I decided Luke was ready and because I had to wait at home for the cable guy to arrive between 8-5 I figured we may as well take advantage of being forced to be home and get to work.

Day one went good for the first 8 hours but as we approached the end of the day I could tell Luke was sick of trying to pee on the toilet every 15 minutes. If we were going to continue on this journey in a positive way, I needed to reevaluate the system I was following. I woke up the following day with a fresh perspective, I am going to do what works for Luke and what works for Luke does not have us at home all day trying to pee on a timer for 3-4 days in a row.

What I decided worked for my son was going about our everyday activities and simply being prepared that he may have an accident. Yes a little more work for me but oh well.

So far I am happy with the way things are progressing but the biggest lesson for me on this potty training journey is to always remember to pay more attention to my child then to the format or system I am trying to get him on to.

This personal lesson is very timely as I prepare for the arrival of baby number two. I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding Luke and I am very positive about trying again but in the midst of all the articles and advice about breastfeeding, I think it will be easier for me to pay attention to this baby and feel confident in trusting my mothers intuition.

The saying "mother knows best" has so much weight, we really do know what we are doing, even if it looks different from what other moms are doing.