Lukey, you are 2 years old and I am blown away by what you have accomplished since your first birthday. We were on family vacation two weeks ago and you got to spend so much extra time with dad, this time with your dada unleashed your wild little boy, you are no longer my baby.

You can count to 5. 

You are becoming increasingly opinionated and independent which can cause a few disagreements from time to time but we are working through this phase. 

You can sing Ba Ba Black Sheep.

You have this monster voice you talk in sometimes that is really scary. 

You learned to whisper.

You are potty trained. 

Your excited about your big boy room as we get it organized before the baby arrives. You like to show it to your family when they come over.

You ask your dad and I from time to time if we are happy, I think this demonstrates your mature caring nature. 

You like to tell people Happy Birthday and we like saying it back to you.

You are my motivation for so much.

Here are some video clips from the last year, you have accomplished a lot in year two and your dad and I could not be more proud of you.

Lots of love and Happy Birthday, mom.