As wedding season slowed for my makeup artistry business I started to evaluate the business structure of Arbonne as I was already an Arbonne Independent Consultant, when you work for yourself you learn very quickly how to change directions from time to time to make your business work.

With faith I reached out to my up line and let them know I was now ready to be coached in this business that terrified me. My greatest fear was this "what will people think of me, as a Christian how can I maintain integrity in this role?". (I had preconceived notions about network marketing that have now been dissolved) I learned the system, started to apply it and worked at doing it with God by my side, just how I try to approach most areas of my life. 

God made me a promise, keep Him the focus of all I do and he will take care of me and my family. 

Taking care of my family may not always look like promotion, I know this, but this month it does and for that I am grateful. God always provides and he absolutely did this month and in lots of different forms. I accomplished what I did not by my own strength but by His, Amen!