Thank you Shannon Turner Photography for our beautiful family photos! You not only have an eye behind the camera but you also have a great personal skill with people and children. Being a mom of four yourself, makes you an easy decision for me for family pictures every time!

A few people asked me "Why don't you just wait until the baby is born to get family pictures taken?", my response was "I want to remember this phase right now." Two year old Luke, our little trio family,  it's special dynamic and the bump. Our little triple will soon become a quartet but I want to remember everything that is right now because while I am so excited about growing our family and meeting baby L #2, Ty and I are also so in love with the dynamic we currently have. 

Contentment in the moment, while anticipation for the future. It's a hard balance. Sometimes I like to day dream about the future of our family and others, I like to just sit in what it is right now. 

So that's why we got our photos taken. I would like to try and have them done consistently at least twice a year as children change so much in such short periods of time and just looking back on photos takes you right to those moments you use to be in.