Elizabeth Lillian Lapier
Born Oct 19 at 8:30pm weighing 8lbs
Her friends call her Lizzy

We are officially a family of four! The last week and a bit has been awesome, sure I have had my sleep deprived tearful moments but for the most part this life I am living is pretty darn sweet. My birth experience the second time around, was a night and day difference from the first, Luke was a c section and Lizzy was a v back. I am so grateful that both my children entered our world healthy but especially that I got to experience labour this time around. While labour was challenging and kinda like the most intense workout ever, it was also the coolest thing I have ever experienced!

I missed Luke while we were in the hospital but knew he was in good hands. Tyler and I enjoyed our slow pace in the little room getting to know our daughter.

Since being home Luke blows me away daily with his big bro skills, which makes me cry at least twice a day.

Our family and friends have supported us once again through another life transition with clothes, food and visits. It truly takes a village to raise a child and my village is so rad!

If you guys read my anniversary post you know that with every new big moment Ty and I experience together, I value him even more and this experience is no different. He has been super dad with Luke making sure "the boys" have tons of fun so Lizzy and mom can work on breastfeeding.

I think the biggest challenge in my motherhood journey will always be learning to adjust my pace to the current needs of my family and accepting the fact that there will be items on my to do list that just won't get done sometimes for awhile. Once I accept this fact, it makes it so much easier to relish in the current phases of my children's lives. I can only do so much but that is absolutely enough because God gave them to me for a reason, He designed me to meet their needs perfectly with His guidance, so by the grace of God I will always be enough.

The Lapier family adventures have opened a new chapter and I am so excited to see where our story continues with our little Lizzy.